Our Kilns

200 m3(85000 Bd.Ft.) kiln. Loading phase.

200 m3 (85000 Bd.Ft.) kiln, back side, expulsion air phase. Siberia.

200 m3 (85000 Bd.Ft.) kilns, width 13 mt (13.436 yrd); Detail.

Group of n.08 kilns with capacity of 200 m3 (85000 Bd.Ft.). Siberia.

180 m3 (77000 Bd.Ft.) kiln made with special height. Customer: Crispino, Napoli (Italy).

40 m3 (17000 Bd.Ft.) kiln. Detail.

150 m3 (64000 Bd.Ft.) kiln, special for plant engineering L.E. Detail.

180 m3 (77000 Bd.Ft.) kiln for plant engineering T.S.S. 50. Detail.

13 mt (13.436 yrd) width kiln; loading capacity up to 220 m3 (94000 Bd.Ft.).

200-220 m3 ( 85000-94000 Bd.Ft.) kiln, made completely in aluminium alloy.

200-220 m3 (85000-94000 Bd.Ft.) kilns, made completely in aluminium alloy.

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