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T.W.S, S.T.S. and GAS T.S. self--contained drying units are patented systems WHICH allow drying TO TAKE PLACE IN A CELL AT temperatures OVER 80 C° (176° F).
Heating is produced by a hot water or steam exchanger OR THROUGH A HOT AIR GENERATOR FEEDED BY a GAS OR GAS-OIL BURNER IN THE GAS T.S. SERIES.
Dehumidification takes place through a patented system of air locks WHICH allow expulsion of damp air from the CELL and the inlet of fresh return air for compensation without drop in temperature inside the kiln.

1) Damper of expulsion air
2) Damper of recirculation air
3) Expulsion fan
4) Switchboard
5) Electronic control
6) Damper of renewal air
7) Air filter
8) Hot water or steam coil
9) Electric coil
10) Delivery fan
11) Humidification with atomised water (water-air)
12) Hot water gas, gas-oil, gas produce generator
13) Damper off recirculation air




Click here to look at the technical drawings of each drying unit of our Series T.W.S. and S.T.S.

| TWS 5 | TWS 10 | TWS 20 | TWS 20B | TWS 20C |
| TWS 20C bis | TWS 30 | TWS 40 | TWS 50 |

NOTE: the dimensions of the kilns of our series S.T.S. and GAS T.S. are the same as the dimensions of the kilns of our series T.W.S.


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L.E. self-contained drying units are patented dehumidifiers that allow drying processes at temperature in the kiln up to 70° C (160° F).
They have been produced for more than 30 years and are through the first all over the world, which have offered the possibility to work with temperature in the kiln particularly high.



The heating is produced by the heat pump system, which can be integrated by an electric coil or by a hot water or steam exchanger. The refrigerating system benefits by particular patented systems, which grant the max reliance.


1) Main fan
2) Main fan motor
3) Electric auxiliary heating
4) Prearrangement for hot water of steam coil
5) Switchboard
6) High performance condenser
7) Collect tank of condensate water
8) Air filter on evaporator
9) Compressor
10) Evaporator
11) Humidification with atomised water (air-water)
12) Equalizer net or alternatively modulating shutters.


Click here to look at technical drawings of each drying unit of our series L.E.

| LE 10 | LE 20 | LE 30 | LE 30B | LE 30C | LE 40 | LE 40 bis |


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The dryers of our Series T.S.S., successfully in operation since 1977, have been projected considering above all the energetic sparing, wood degrade and wood shrinkage. They are self-contained drying units fully factory tested, needing only electrical and water connections at the job site.
They allow to reach and keep in the kiln a temperature of 70° C (160° F) and to dry wood down to values of 8-10% of final moisture. The heat production is achieved by the heat pump principle utilizing a refrigerator system, which guarantees an exceptional reliability for the particular employ of the refrigerant fluid and the compressor (system protected by patent).
The heating source can be produced by the external air (if outside temperature is over 16 °C (60.8 °F), by the return air from the kiln during humidification or expulsion phases, or by a hot water or steam coil when available. The various phases of operations of different programs are controlled by a patented system of motorized dampers. This patented system avoids complications in operation of refrigerant cycle, which could reduce reliability.



1) Outside air regulating damper
2) Return air regulating damper
3) Evaporator air filter
4) Evaporator
5) Regulating damper for air discharge from kiln
6) Waste air fan
7) Separation damper
8) Outside air regulating damper
9) Modulating damper for dehumidification
10) Air filter on condenser
11) Condenser
12) Hot water or steam coil for auxiliary heating
13) Electric heaters for auxiliary heating
14) Main fan
15) Humidification with atomised water (air-water)
16) Electric switchboard
17) Electronic control
18) Compressor
19) Regulating flap


Click here to look at the technical drawings of each drying unit of our series T.S.S.

| TSS 5 | TSS 10 | TSS 20 | TSS 20B | TSS 20C | TSS 30 | TSS 40 | TSS 50 |


Click here to look at some photographs





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