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Over 45 years of experience in the field of drying systems.

EURODRYERS ACNAAP s.a.s., in the field of drying systems for sawn wood, distributes dryers with Coppa's technology and guarantees assistance and spare parts in the five continents, to all the customers who have Coppa's dryers, which have been produced since 1975. Coppa has been one of the first companies all over the world to look for new sources of energy and solutions to reduce at maximum wood decay.

Coppa's technical solutions have always had an innovative role in the field of drying processes for sawn wood, as it attested by numerous international patents (for ex. U.S.A., Canada, Australia, New Zealand, etc.).

The innovations we propose in our Series 2008 are the results of three generations' experience in the field of wood processes and 45 years in that of drying systems.

The following technical information on the technology we employ, will help you to know what we offer, so that you can better direct your choice.

 Ivo Coppa

Mr.Ivo Coppa, inventor of the "climatic reproducer unit" for drying processes and technical collaborator of Eurodryers Ltd. (Made in Italy)


Eurodryers' drying machinery with Coppa's patented technology are assembled in Italy by the firm: G.M. srl 26019 Vailate (Cr)

Permanent Showroom of dryers-kilns-boxes: Seveso (Mi), via Toniolo n.3





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